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Restoring health and hope to you and your family by empowering you with empathy, education and encouragement on your journey of healing as we work together to get you better.

Our Services

Cuccia Health Institute Offers The Following Functional Medicine Evaluations:

Gastrointestinal Testing

Reflux, IBS, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (UC/CD), gas, bloating, diarrhea....

Vitamin and Mineral Testing

Most traditional vitamin and mineral tests are flawed and yield questionable results

Food, Allergy and Sensitivity Testing

One man’s food is another man’s poison. Identifying allergies can be a crucial component...

Hormone and Neurotransmitter Testing

Hormones (cortisol, thyroid, sex hormones) and neurotransmitters...

Toxic Metals

Mercury, aluminum, lead, etc


MARCoNS (Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Coagulase Negative Staphylococci) is an antibiotic resistant staph...


It has been estimated that nearly 50% of buildings in America have experienced water damage ...

Genetic Testing

Many illnesses pronounce themselves due to genetic variations

"Simply put Dr. Cuccia saved my life. If I had stayed with the traditional medicine method (testing, biopsies, drugs) I would either be disabled or dead.


- Patient

Dr. David Cuccia

Dr. Cuccia is a Functional Medicine practitioner in Mandeville, Louisiana. He was born and raised in New Orleans and received his M.D. from LSU New Orleans where he then completed a double residency in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. During his 10 years as a hospitalist and primary care physician, then through his own health crises, he decided to focus on the root causes of disease, rather than just the symptoms. He then completed his certification in functional medicine through The Institute of Functional Medicine. He is founder of the Cuccia Health Institute which focuses on restoring health and hope to patients and their families by empowering them with empathy, education and encouragement on their journey to healing.