Pregnenolone CRT 60 Tablets


Pregnenolone CRT 60 Tablets


Pregnenolone is a precursor of a variety of hormones, including DHEA, progesterone, estrogens, testosterone, cortisol and aldosterone, and is therefore important for healthy hormone balance. Additionally, pregnenolone is found in high levels in the brain where it is neuroprotective, has anxiolytic properties and may support healthy cognitive function and memory.

Pregnenolone CRT™ features a Controlled Release Technology that provides a very slow (10-12 hour) continuous release of pregnenolone, helping to eliminate the spikes or surges that may be associated with other delivery systems.* Ultimately, this CRT™ technology more closely mimics the way pregnenolone is normally released within the body.



  • Pregnenolone CRT 60 Tablets 60 tablets
  • Product Size: 60 tablets
  • Servings Per Container: 60


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