Argentyn 23 nasal spray


Argentyn 23 nasal spray


Argentyn 23 Spray by Natural Immunogenics is a highly bio-active, pure silver hydrosol spray suitable for immune support for the whole family.



Silver has a long history of use as an immune supportive agent. This silver hydrosol spray is suitable for the whole family for both acute and long-term use and features the following:

  • 99.999% Pure – contains only silver and pharmaceutical grade purified water that has been Endotoxin/Pyrogen tested.
  • NO salts, proteins, compounds, stabilizers.
  • Bio-Active – 96% actively charged, positive silver ions, more easily utilized by the body
  • Ultrafine particle size – 0.8 nanometer particle size helps make the silver more easily absorbed & bio-available, with greater surface area, even in low concentration of 23ppm
  • Suitable for all ages – may be used by the whole family
  • Suitable for long and short term immune support and maintenance
  • Fine-mist spray bottle allows for easy, convenient use
  • Odorless, tastes like water
  • Not sticky, staining, greasy or stinging
  • Absorbed quickly into the upper GI tract. Should not disturb beneficial flora in small and large intestines.
  • Amber bottle helps preserve quality and purity and prevents oxidation


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